Marketing with Business Cards in Network Marketing

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“Marketing with Business Cards in Network Marketing”

Marketing with Business Cards

What about marketing with business cards in network marketing? Should network marketers use them? If so, how should cards for business be designed? If not, why not?

I’m not a huge fan of most personal business cards for network marketing. Marketing with business cards in our industry gives away too much or says too little and doesn’t peak curiosity from the reader. Most card designs are not compelling to cause the reader to notice.

Do I use them? Yes, I do and with a unique twist in business card designs. Marketing with business cards is marketing and knowing something about human nature.

Behind all human beings is self-centeredness. It’s built into our DNA. Everything in life centers around our desires, wants and needs. Consistently we ask in everything we experience, “What’s in it for me?”

Marketing with Business Cards around “What’s in It for Me?”

Marketing with business cards is marketing around the DNA of human nature. Unique business card designs should appeal to “what’s in it for me”.

Let’s illustrate:

Which is more compelling for business cards to print?

“I’m looking for some real sharp people who want to make $3,000 a month. If you know of anyone, call me.”


“I show people how to retire 10 years early at full pay. Ask me how.”

Don’t like that one? Try this one on for teachers:

“I show teachers how to earn money without the stress of teaching. Call me.”

Another twist:

“You know how smart people ALL have a second paycheck? I just found out how.”

Here is another one:

“You know how great it would be to never work again with 4 X the pay of your present job? I am living proof.”

Marketing with business cards is marketing with solving a problem centered around human needs wants and desires.

Create custom business cards solving a problem and you create curiosity and will build your business.

Here is my own custom business card design:

My personal business card appeals to people’s common DNA “What’s in it for me?” It solves the problem of working for someone else. It approaches the problem from three different ways offering solutions (“Two paychecks a week are better…”, “Ask about the three words that your boss fears,” “Are you happy with…”). The card has my name, place of residence, phone number and email address. A problem is stated and solved. Nothing more is needed. No website. No links. Just showing a problem and offering solutions.

You can create a business card online at the website Vistaprint at less cost than going to your local printer.

Use front and back to create the card. Have a picture of yourself on the card. It personalizes it and the reader feels more at ease when speaking with you.

Center the writing on the card around the basic human wants, needs and desires. Solve a problem and you will get better response.

Don’t put any links to your website or the network marketing company logo on the card. You want prospects who have your card calling you. You don’t want them going to your website without being qualified. The only way to qualify them is speaking with them by phone or in person.

And don’t put them on the “bulletin board business card of shame” at the local grocery store. You appear cheap and desperate. No one reads them and it is a waste of money.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Take the business cards that you find on bulletin boards and call the person. Ask them if they are married to their job or open-minded? It opens up a new source of prospects.

Marketing with business cards to “what’s in it for me.” Design your own business cards online. Solve a problem. Get better results.

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