My Story!

Who Is Dale Moreau?

My official career after college started out in the ministry. I was a preacher and teacher of Christian Theology. Circumstances changed for me and I took a different direction by becoming involved in the business world.

I took two directions with business in the corporate world. I was in commercial fire alarm sales and medical coding. I had a great deal of success with both.

But I was never fully satisfied with just making it, because what comes with success in the corporate world is the loss of freedom with time and family.

Despite having money, one does not always get to enjoy it.

I knew something was out there and could give me not only financial freedom but the freedom with time, family and life itself.

I remember the first time when network marketing was brought to my attention. I was 19 years old, going to college during my sophomore year, and introduced by my mail carrier to this fascinating world of generating a life-time income.

I saw the potential in what would one day become a contributory factor in bringing real freedom to all my life endeavors.

But before I got to that point where I am now, the truth of the matter is I not only failed in network marketing but failed miserably.  I actually failed in three other network marketing companies throughout my life.

There were several reasons for failing.

  • Not willing to grow because of the lack of being teachable.
  • Procrastinating and getting distracted because I wanted to watch the television show NCIS more than I wanted to achieve the dream.
  • Looking at people as dollar signs without seeing them as those who are with true needs and desires that could be resolved and fulfilled with my help.
  • Being fearful of what my friends, family and even my dog would think of me.
  • Relying on my sponsors and trainers to handle all the details, while I sat back hoping the money would roll in.
  • Non-consistent action by only doing the business when it was convenient or doing it now and then and wishing it would bring success.
  • Blaming the lack of leadership when all I had to do was ask.

The strange thing about all these former excuses are they’re the very things that stop most people from succeeding in anything in life.

Why failure leads to success!


For example, there was no focus on my part about my goals in network marketing, and equally there was no focus in my goals set by myself for family.Pic8

Another instance is the way I looked at people. By looking at people as dollar signs, I was seeing them as things to be used, which carried over in my relationships with family and friends.

In another case, though I made it in the corporate world, I missed the mark by a mile to climb the ladder of success by refusing to develop personally and educationally.

For lack of a better term, I was a slacker. I allowed my bad habits and circumstances to dictate my actions and not making the choice to have my actions dictate my circumstances.

For you see, successful people envision with what’s ahead and focus on their goals, while non-successful people focus on their circumstances and bad habits.

What my life looks like these days is different than before…

because I now live the dream, and so can you!!

The last 2 years have been incredible (but it didn’t start out that way as stated above).

I now am teaching people on how to get more leads, recruit more reps, and make more money.

I built my business using online and offline marketing and prospecting strategies teaching others on how to do the same.

If you have come from the “non-network marketing 9 to 5 world,” you have been given instructions, told to follow certain rules and take certain actions against common sense. Most jobs kill creativity and imagination.  Almost all of them don’t reward you for extra effort and putting out 110%.  They are just, well, JOBS…

But the beauty about network marketing is for every action you take toward your success, you are rewarded financially and with knowledge that leads to the power to change not only your life but the lives of others you touch.

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